Experience the pinnacle of excitement, enjoyment and extravagance, with our Specialty Luxury Travel Packages. We are a leading luxury tour destination management company, designing tour packages and facilitating your tour and travel opportunities to help fulfill all your dreams related to luxury tours to a number of worldwide destinations.

We deliver a comprehensive tour package bringing together the largest selection of destinations, hotels, airlines, and a wide range of travel services under one roof. We work with many of the luxury hotels and thus have some good discounts and also value added deals to turn your luxury tour even more pleasurable. And there are many special offers currently available on the luxury tours to different exotic locations throughout the world. You just name the location and we will come up with an itinerary. Moreover, we specialize in designing and offering personalized and high-end luxury tour packages to our clients.
Cruise-lines, luxury hotels and resorts, luxury train tours, special sea shore-excursions, desert safaris, hot balloon expeditions and lot many happening things that you always wanted to be a part of are now possible with our professionally managed luxury tour and travel services. Be a part of shopping extravaganza, pulsating sporting events or live musical concerts and earn a life-time experience.

Perfect villa vacations

Our tour and travel management professionals are dedicated to finding you the perfect holiday villa at any of your chosen locations on this earth. We have been offering quality holiday villas in worldwide locations such as Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Dubai, and the Caribbean. Moreover, we arrange villas in any location in your budget.

We provide you with a comprehensive set of images and videos to help select the villa of your choice. Thus, you will be able to choose your perfect holiday villa sitting comfortably in your living room. We allow you to choose your requirements and select a villa that can best fulfill your perfect vacation needs.
villa vocations
global spa & wellness

Global Spa & Wellness Retreats

Experience a sense of complete wellness, with our global spa and wellness retreats to some of the exotic locations of the world. With our wellness retreats, you will have an opportunity to dig deeper into your body's well-being and feel the complete rejuvenation of the body, mind and soul. We carefully choose retreats for you, ensuring you a complete peace of mind to help identify your inner strengths for your all-round success in life. 

All retreats on our platter are the eco-friendly destinations, ensuring you a pollution-free accommodation and locally prepared multi-cuisines, working on to completely detoxify your body. Comfortable stay and tasty food flavors will keep your mood elevated. And the picturesque natural scenery will add the magic

Art & culture tours

If you are a kind of genius and have a profound interest in world art and culture, our wonderful art and culture tours are just meant for you. Whether you want to explore the Mayan Civilization or want to delve into the rich history of the Buddhist Monasteries, we will make everything possible for you. You can learn more about the Indian artistic intricacies engraved on the ancient temples of Khajuraho and the cave temples of Ajanta and Ellora or learn more about the history of the Angkorwat Temple of Cambodia.

We are renowned for our efficiency in designing cultural holidays as per your genuine interests. We carefully research each and every aspect of our cultural holidays and design a package that covers everything to meet your needs. The highest level of customer satisfaction is always ensured with our art and tour packages.
Art & culture tours
Gourmet Tours

Gourmet Tours

Our Gourmet Tours will reveal some of the best and the least known culinary in some of the exotic parts of the world. We take you from up-class restaurants to colorful small villages allowing you to taste some of the best delicacies that you might never have heard of.

We take you on a culinary tour to numerous banquets featuring delicious cuisines. Not only you will taste them, you can have a deep insight of preparing dishes and we can even arrange cooking classes as well. You will be amazed to discover a large range of new dishes and will cherish the tour for a life time.


Spend some relaxing moments on a boat cruise with all luxuries intact. You can enjoy deep sea cruises or a cruise tour along the beautiful countryside. We can even arrange a small boat tour for a whole family only. On a boat cruise, you will come across a number of people from different cultures and will get the opportunity to relish a range of sea foods. 

Explore the beautiful coastal regions with a spectacular view of the flora and fauna. Our cruises give you an opportunity to explore a range of interesting sights that is not possible in inland trips. That's why our exciting cruise tours allow you to experience all your vacation with the features like amazing scenery, local flavor, rich cultures and glimpses of historical landmarks.
Couples retreat

Couples retreat

We design the best couple’s retreats where couples can have a romantic holiday with their all privacy remaining intact. Enjoy a serene evening at a desolated beach with a sun setting backdrop, listening to each other’s heartbeat.  You will never get such wonderful intimate moments that will remain fresh in your mind throughout your life. Our couple’s retreats are perfect to spend your private occasions such as the birthday of your beloved or your marriage anniversary. We also offer special prices for your special occasions to turn them even more special.

We have a number of destinations for such tours specially meant for the couples. Feel like the real prince and the princess and enjoy the all extravagance of life on a memorable trip to an exotic location. All couple’s retreats are characterized with unlimited fun and frolics and guarantees you the pinnacle of comfort and peace.

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