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Exotic Tours

Exotic Tours

We bring a range of exotic Bazaar Tours for our clients in some of the best locations across the world. We have exclusive Bazaar Tour packages for the traditional Bazaar located in Lhasa, Istanbul, Darjeeling, Jaipur, Kathmandu and many more places. Countries like Egypt, India, Jordan, Israel, Nepal, Tibet and Turkey are famous for their traditional roadside-flee markets selling exclusive items that are almost difficult to find with any big retail brand or in shopping malls. Moreover, these items are sold at unbelievable prices that will make your shopping experience even more enjoyable. And if you are good at negotiations, you are sure to get more discounts. 

These are some fabulous Bazaars that you will surely love to explore on your own. These marketplaces have an amazingly huge range of offerings from textiles, gems and jewelry and pottery to metalwork items, marble figures, paintings, antiques, ivory items and bed covers etc. Most of these items are so exclusive that will give your living room a distinct identity when you adorn it with these items. You will win your guest’s appreciation for collecting such unique items that are not easily available everywhere.

Most of these exotic Bazaars are located in the narrow lanes of the city centers of the towns. You need to travel on foot or can take a rickshaw to reach to these busy markets. These markets are the happening places for the local vendors. The familiarity of the local lingo will help you to get a better bargain. You need to make payments in local currencies only. Our expert travel professionals include a knowledge pack with each of these Bazaar tours that include the list of the Bazaars, the list of recommended items to buy, their rough price range and a common translation database of products and prices in the English language.

Most of these Bazaars are spread over a large area. You may get tired of passing through the streets after streets exploring, admiring and buying exclusive items. Most of these Bazaars have small food joints offering lip-smacking local cuisines and refreshing drinks. Thus, a visit to a local market will also offer an opportunity to taste several types of cuisines that are exclusive to a particular place.

Travel4UNME will take you to some of the little known localities of the world allowing you to buy some of the collector’s items. Complete details and support will be provided so that you return back with a great memory and lots many souvenir items.

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